Learn About The History Of San Francisco CA

A city of dreams and possibilities, hopes and desires, diversity and community. San Francisco has always been a destination known to many as the city of possibility for people of all shapes and sizes. From its past life as home to a Spanish mission till now as it's home to millions of hard working, culturally distinct individuals, this glorious city gives way to a rich history.
Long before the Spanish came to settle the rocky hillside of San Francisco, the Native Americans called it home. The Yelamu tribe lived in this coastal “city” but they were forced out by missionaries sent from San Diego. These Spanish conquerors were sent to establish Mission San Francisco de Asis, completed in 1808. About 40 years after the construction of this beautiful building, Americans took over the city. This was a major turning point in San Francisco’s history.
As a few years past, more and more American settlers made their way out west. In 1848, a settler struck gold in Sutter’s Fort, California. San Francisco quickly because the main hub for selling and trading this newly found commodity. Throughout this period, the railroad development flourished, leading to an influx of Chinese laborers. These laborers were the sole creators of Chinatown, a thriving community and the largest Chinese settlement in America.
As the city’s infrastructure developed at an alarming rate, the population continued to grow exponentially. As a result, buildings and roads were not constructed in the soundest way. Therefore, it's no surprise when the earthquake of 1906 hit, San Francisco’s city turned to rubble, killing over 3 thousand people. Learning from their mistakes, the city grew in a more structurally stable way. Both the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge were constructed shortly after the disaster.
In World War II, San Francisco was a key player in the mass manufacturing of weapons. Japanese and African-Americans alike worked to build these arms and upkeep the devices used to transport these weapons. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese were forced into camps, leaving the African-Americans to utilize the empty housing and gain more jobs inside the city. Many say the development of weapons was the beginning of the cutting edge technology industry we see today in and around San Francisco.
As time progressed, San Francisco gained its novelty image. Writers, poets, storytellers, dreamers, believers, inventors, businessmen, missionaries, any type of individual you can imagine has come to San Francisco to live their dream. Women have utilized this city as a platform to further their rights, while the LGBT community has a strong foothold as well. The draw of San Francisco is that the atmosphere welcomes the new, the different, the socially awkward or diverse, giving these individuals a means to flourish and grow.
Each of these events has lead San Francisco to be the strong, meaningful city it is today. The Spanish gave the Mission, the American settlers created an economic center, the earthquake helped improve the city’s infrastructure and sparked development of the well-known bridges, World War II led to the technological revolution happening today and the women's and LGBT rights movements added to the diversity of this fantastic city. San Francisco truly is a city comprised of its rich history.


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