2017 Must See Landmarks In San Francisco CA

San Francisco, a town full of diverse populations, hilly streets, amazing food and a cool ocean breeze. Millions of people flock to this city every year to indulge in the amazing sites San Francisco has to offer. Among these sites are historic landmarks. While each landmark is quite different and unique, combined they make San Francisco the city it is today.
Ask anyone on the street, “What is the first thing you think of when hearing the words, San Francisco?”. These individuals will tell you “ The Golden Gate Bridge!”. The construction of this remarkable symbol began in 1933 and was finally completed in 1937. A gigantic masterpiece, which houses an bustling interstate and crowded pedestrian path, allows all types of tourists to enjoy its beauty. Many people do not know that the true color of the Golden Gate Bridge is orange, but due to its massive size, everyone believes this work of art to be a vibrant red. On one side the busy San Francisco Bay and on the other the massive Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge truly is the most iconic landmark in San Francisco.Within the previously spoken of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island is located. An eerie, ancient prison is now home to a significant attraction of the Bay Area and oddly, most of the world. A short boat ride through the choppy bay lands you upon huge rockwitha massive cinder block building . Here, daily tours take students and curious tourists through the rich history of San Francisco. Many don't know that Alcatraz was more than just a prison, it was the original lighthouse on the west coast, a civil war fortress, and a safe haven for Native Americans. This rock is just a small sampling of San Francisco's diversity.
Another landmark, geared more towards the shopping industry, is Pier 39. Here, a long string of shops and restaurants stretches out onto the bay. Millions of people come to San Francisco specifically to experience the upbeat atmosphere and delicious food at the pier. Originally constructed in 1977, this landmark still houses a few original restaurants including Eagle Cafe, Swiss Louis Italian and Seafood, and Pier Market Seafood. Over the years hundreds more shops and dining areas have been added along the wooden pier. San Francisco would not be complete without its beloved Pier 39.
The final landmark that many think of when they hear San Francisco's Chinatown. Another area rich in history, this town inside a city is filled with tiny streets and thousands of asian-style markets. Stepping into Chinatown is like walking into a different culture. Even though it is surrounded by a humungous, raging city, these few small streets take on a life of their own. San Francisco’s Asian community flourishes here. Items directly from China are display vibrantly in shop windows while the bakery freshly makes dumplings and cakes. While it may be a small section of this historic city, Chinatown definitely is a monument of society.
There are many more landmarks we could have discussed here but listed are the basic few that everyone knows exist in beautiful San Francisco. Visit this spectacular city and travel to each of these landmarks to get a sense of the diversity this growing community offers to our society today. The history combined with today's lifestyles makes this city an interesting and fantastic place to visit.


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